Why you should keep your domain names separate.

Keep your domain names separateMost web hosting companies offer potential customers a free domain name (sometimes even a free domain name for life) with the purchase of a new web hosting account. Customers new to web hosting will often fall into this trap and end up regretting it later. While a “free” domain name may sound perfect at first, it is not always the best idea to have your domain name registered through your web host. In the long run, having your domain name registered separately can help save you a lot of money and trouble.

When signing up with a new web hosting account, it is important to consider whether or not you are really better off with a free domain name. If you really like the web host you are about to sign up with and plan to use them for the entire life of your website, then it is ok to get your free domain name. However, in most cases, it is best to have your domain name registered through a separate company.

Registering a domain name separately through a third party company is usually the best solution. GoDaddy is a perfect place to go when registering a domain name. Keep your domain name and web hosting account separate.  Most web hosts offer a free domain name to lure customers in so that they can make sure their customers will be forced to continue using their web hosting services. If you are signing up with a new web hosting company that you have never used before, you might find that you end up unsatisfied with their hosting services and want to switch to a different web host. Of course, the web host you signed up with will cancel your account and issue you a refund, however, your free domain name will stay with them. Needless to say, this can persuade the customer to stay with their current web host.

A domain name is very important to the life of your website. Be sure to carefully choose how you will manage it. Whether it is with your hosting account or a separate domain name registrar, a domain name is one of your website’s most important assets.

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    I wish I had known this earlier before I purchased my web hosting account. I bought an account from iPage, didnt like it and wanted to refund it, but they wouldnt give me my domain name back, so i was forced to say with them :(

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