Best Web Hosting for Online Retail Business?

Best Web Hosting for Online Retail Stores
For merchants looking to develop an online presence, setting up an eCommerce website can be a difficult task. Most merchants looking to start an online retail business hire a web developer to build an eCommerce website. After the website built, merchants will need a web hosting account to host their website. Web hosting for eCommerce websites usually require advanced security features and scripting support for PHP and MySQL. Usually the web developer will recommend a qualified web host to host your website, however if you are unsatisfied with it, you may want to switch to a better or less expensive web host.

The best web hosting for an online retail business depends on the programming language used by the developer. In most cases, eCommerce websites generally use PHP for the programming language and MySQL for the database. However, some eCommerce websites may be built with ASP, ASP.NET, or even Cold Fusion. PHP eCommerce websites are supported by all 3 major hosting platforms, such as Windows, Unix, and Linux.

InMotion Hosting Review

InMotion Hosting – Recommended for Retail Websites

For most eCommerce websites, is the best choice for your retail business. InMotion is a business web host that provides a vast variety of support for eCommerce type websites. InMotion also offers numerous hosting plans to support websites of any size. To learn more about InMotion, read our full InMotion Review

InMotion Hosting starts at $4.19 per month.

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  • James G says: Reply

    I’m a web designer and I always recommend InMotion to my clients. The best thing about Inmotion is that they are compatible with everything and they have different hosting plans to fit all my client’s needs.

  • Greg says: Reply

    InMotion is a good web host. They would be well suited for any ecommerce type website.

  • Eric L. says: Reply

    What about Hostgator? My friend had recommended them when she had her online business. I was going to sign up with them but found a lot of bad reviews on Hostgator. I really just want something that works… I dont care if its cheap. I just have a simple ecommerce website and want to sell a few items online. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • TheWebGeek says: Reply

    I would stay away from HostGator. You would be wasting your money. Hostgator is average, at best. I would try to stay away from the EIG brands. InMotion is really good. Also, and are other good ones.

  • Sarah says: Reply

    InMotion Hosting is very popular amongst business websites so that would probably be your best bet. They have a very good reputation online and fast/reliable hosting.

  • Jon says: Reply

    I’ve hosted my website with for 2 years now and have been very happy with them. I sell my own clothing their hosting works great. I originally started off with my own website that i built, but now its been growing and I was able to hire a professional web designer to improve the site’s design. He asked me what web hosting account I was using and I told him W.H. Hub and he just said that is good that I have a cpanel web host. He built the site and its still hosted with the same web host. I’ve been slowing growing my business with hub and would highly recommend them for retail websites.

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